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  • Festival of San Costanzo - On May 14th every year, the patron saint of the town of Capri, San Costanzo, is celebrated. 

  • Festival of Sant’Antonio - On June 13th every year, the patron saint of the town of Anacapri is celebrated with a large rustic festival.

  • International Folklore Festival - During the 1st week of August, Anacapri plays host to a range of events in its squares, featuring musical bands and folk dance companies. 

  • Settembrata Anacaprese - In September. A large rustic festival for celebrating the grape harvest: 10 days of celebration dedicated to the island’s typical produce, including shows

  • Events and other festivals on Capri

San Costanco — The Patron Saint of Capri — May 14

The most important moment of the feast of the Patron Saint of the isle of Capri, St. Constance, is the procession that takes place every year on May 14th.
The choice of the day is connected to the death of the Saint, taken from the sermon that speaks of the “Transitu Sancti Costantii.”
Originally prayers were pronounced in honour of St. Constance every 14th of May in the basilica of Marina Grande, until the erection of the Episcopal centre.

The suggestive procession winds along the route from the ex Cathedral of St. Stephen through the Piazzetta and down to the Marina Grande Church, crossing some of the main roads of the historical centre, along Via Acquaviva, that leads to Via Provinciale Marina Grande and then onto Via Don Giobbe Ruocco.
All the Island authorities take part in the celebration, from the clergy, to the members of the local congregations, the civil and military authorities, musical groups and finally the believers.
The long damasked silk drapes are extremely effective and embellish the procession together with the flower petals mixed with broom which are launched from the balconies as the Saint passes.
The statue, after crossing the Marina Grande district, is placed in the Marina Grande Church and, the following week, with a similar procession, it is returned to the ex Cathedral of Saint Stephen.

San Antonio — The Patron Saint of Anacapri — June 13

Procession in honor of the Feast Day of Saint Anthony through the historic center of Anacapri

Saint Anthony is the patron saint of the town of Anacapri, and is celebrated on the Feast Day each year on the 13th of June. 
A week before the Feast Day, the Church of Santa Sofia and the historic center of Anacapri are decorated with lights and banners.
On the Feast Day, a religious procession carries a statue of the saint along the lanes in the center of town, and residents toss rose petals and broom blossoms (the official flower of Saint Anthony) on the passing saint from above.
The narrow lanes are lined with stands selling toys, sweets, and household items.,_Capri

Let’s celebrate!

Singing, dancing, games, cooking and traditions. Every late August Anacapri welcomes the Settembrata


by Riccardo Esposito


The last days of August usually go by slowly, leading up to a grim return home after the holidays. It can be hard at times. But what happens in Anacapri? The last days of August in Anacapri are all about excitement, in every street, alley, and square. It looks like the town is preparing for a festival dedicated to Bacchus. Someone suggests: “Come on, stay a couple more days: the Settembrata’s about to begin.” Immediately eyes shine and those who can, put off their departure. You have only to walk along Via Giuseppe Orlandi to understand that the town is preparing for a great festival. Shop owners, for example, decorating their windows with bunches of grapes and ancient tools found in the cellars; near the Casa Rossa a group of people is setting up a stall: this is where the food itinerary begins, crossing the old town up to the Boffe, one of the historic squares of Anacapri, where a flea market is held during the festival. This is the Settembrata: a yearly event that brings the whole Anacapri community together


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A Celebration of Local Culture and Cuisine in Anacapri

The "Settembrata Anacaprese" is an annual festival held at the end of the summer in Anacapri.

The festival lasts a number of days, and centers around a competition between the four historic quarters of the town: La Porta, Le Boffe, Le Pietre, and Le Stalle. 

Each year a theme is announced, and the quarters compete in the preparation of food, decorations, historic costumes, and procession floats according to a theme.

For more information:

  • Procession with floats along the streets of Anacapri

  • A themed food walk with samples of dishes in each of the 4 quarters

  • Sporting events

  • Artisan market

  • Art exhibits including artists from Capri

  • Treasure hunt

  • Entertainment for children

  • Concerts and shows

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