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Guido Lembo - Anema e Core - The most famous tavern in Italy

Guido Lembo was born in Capri on 13 November 1947. He began his career as a guitarist-singer at the age of sixteen in London in an Italian restaurant called "Il Gattopardo". During the first five years, he traveled in Europe (England, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, etc.). He then stopped at Palm Beach for two years and then returned to Capri where, together with his brothers, he opened a local tavern called "O Guarracino". In 1994 he opened in Capri the most famous tavern in Italy ANEMA and CORE, a favorite of all V.I.P., industrialists, politicians, and artists who land on the island.


Guido Lembo boasts numerous television appearances on the most important national networks, on Rai and on Mediaset, among which we recall his appearances in the fixed cast of Buona Domenica and in the Vita in Diretta where he appeared numerous times. He is a charming show-man who with his singing of the Neapolitan songs involves the audience, enticing them to sing and dance with him in every show in the famous tavern on Capri, Anema e Core.

Foto by Raffaele Lello Mastroianni

Watch: Video by Umberto D'Aniello -  Music by Riccardo Pecoraro - Voice by Sara Lionetti

"His music smells of the sea and is multifarious like the sea. He performs with guitar and solo voice, plays courtly airs on the lute for the Rosa Antiqua project, and sings classical and modern Neapolitan songs. He feels a strong bond with the rhythms of Andean music and plays homages to singer-songwriters in his own highly personal way. He is Riccardo Pecoraro, a native of Capri, born with music in his heart and soul.


Some of the most beautiful female voices on the island accompany him and often interpret his songs: Eleonora D’Aniello, Sara Lionetti, and Serena Vinaccia. And Capri Suite, the album he has just finished which is currently being recorded, is dedicated to his island. There are nine songs, on the theme of the four seasons, set to rhythms that have their roots in world music. They describe Capri through its seasons, with lots of poetry and a touch of humor. It is inevitable that Capri should feature in several pieces because, says Pecoraro, “I try to express my nature as an Islander and my relationship with this remarkable land.


And singing about Capri, it’s difficult to ignore the stretch of blue that surrounds it. His last collection, which can be downloaded from digital stores, is called Madre del Mare (Mother of the Sea), with the sea as the blue thread running through it and linking all the pieces that make up the album, all composed by Pecoraro." By


They are songs of emotion, sung with passion by this singer-songwriter whose gaze is the color of the sea.

Check out Riccardo Pecoraro's blog site here



Global art : this is my vision of music.

I look for a perfect symbiosis between art and virtue, but rather than look for faith in virtue, I have faith in virtue and this throw my feelings on a planetary dimension.

I feel myself a silent poet ,still a volcano of creativity, a multiform artist who from island of Capri (where i was born and still live) launches his musical message that thrusts towards stellar spaces, meeting with galactic images that trigger fantasy and reality moments.

Capri Multimedia is my multimedia company, the Martin Studio is my kingdom where I create my projects, soundtracks, my musical instruments, my moods.

I collect musical instruments and build big bamboo flutes.


Almartino’s concerts:

From my deep ties to nature and my island, a source of constant inspiration, I started my “Nei cieli della storia” (In the skies of history) project with which I want to take my music into places that are the most enchanting and rich in history to evoke the emotions that these places preserve.

During my concerts, I use many musical instruments: sax, piano, hang and various types of ethnic flutes from all over the world.

I work as a concert artist, but I don’t like winking to audiences; my stage is my rock, is my island.

photo Lello Mastroianni

Peppino di Capri (born Giuseppe Faiella on 27 July 1939) is an Italian popular music singer and songwriter. He lives on Capri.


Affectionately known as "the Italian Buddy Holly," Peppino di Capri helped to usher Italy into the rock & roll era of the 1950s. Averaging ten singles a year for a decade, he and his band, Peppino & His Rockers, scored with such pre-Beatles hits as "Malatia," "Voce 'e Notte," "Luna Caprese," "Vicino 'o Mare," "Parlami D'amore Mariu," and "Speedy Gonzalez." He introduced the twist with his early-'60s hit, "St. Tropez Twist." During the summer of 1965, he toured Italy as the opening act for the Beatles. Although he suffered a career lull in the late '60s, Peppino di Capri was not gone from the spotlight for long. Launching his comeback with crowd-pleasing performances at Canzonissima '70 and the Festival of Naples in 1970, he capped it off with his best-selling single, "Champagne," in 1974. The winner of the song competition at the Festival of San Remo in 1973 and 1976, di Capri was a constant presence at the event in many years to follow. In January 1996, he toured Italy with guitarist Fred Bongusto. The son of a musical instrument seller and record shop owner, Peppino di Capri displayed musical talent at an extremely young age. Playing piano by the age of four, he spent much of his childhood playing for American soldiers stationed in Naples. His early repertoire was comprised of American tunes; he added modern interpretations of classic Neapolitan songs to the material that he played with the band he had formed with four friends, Peppino di Capri increasingly drew attention to his music. Performing on RAI (Italian television) show "First Applause," he and the group premiered their version of Johnny Ray's heartbreaker, "Cry." ~ Craig Harris

Years Active:

'50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, '00s, '10s

Nicole Renaud is a French soprano accordionist songwriter and film composer. After learning classical guitar as a child, she studied chanson at the "petit conservatoire de la chanson de Mireille" in Paris and opera with Canadian soprano Constance Lambert in New York. 

Some of her videos are on our website as well as


She is an active performer at the crossroads of chanson/opera and performance art. She accompanies herself on a transparent luminous accordion designed for her by British artist Paul Etienne Lincoln Her last multimedia show "Couleurs" an original cycle of songs - a love story seen through colors - was featured at the Limoges Opera (France), the Biennale de la Chanson in Brussels (Belgium), the Goetland Poetry Festival (Sweden) etc … 

Nicole has sung regularly on national television ARTE and on French national public radio France Culture for journalist and future minister of culture Frédéric Mitterrand. Franco-German

As a film composer, Nicole has had, over the years, a long-standing collaboration with celebrated film animator Bill Plympton. Many of her songs were featured in his short films "Eat", "The Cow Who Wanted To Become a Hamburger", "The Fan and The Flowers" and his feature films "Mutant Aliens" and "Idiot and Angels". "Cheatin" is her first assignment composing and scoring the music for a full-length feature and she just got an Annie Award nomination for it.


Nicole's ethereal voice has also been heard in commercials such as an award-winning Super Bowl Volkswagen ad and a Chrysler commercial directed by actor Adrien Brody.

She sings at high-end events around the world for brands such as Bulgari, Vuitton, Panerai etc …

Whether live or on a soundtrack, Nicole's music is unearthly and haunting, with a sound that spans from a retro feel to a more futuristic vibe, her voice lifting the listener to a sublime space.

She shares her time between New York, Paris, and Capri and sings in French, English, Italian, and German.


Press Capri Review 2015:

A love expressed in music

From prose to poetry and from painting to music, all the arts have sought to describe Capri and its marvels, each through their own exclusive language. So naturally there has to be an album dedicated to the azure isle, and Sogno di Capri, by Nicole Renaud, is more than just a collection of songs: rather, it is an homage that songwriters and performers of different nationalities have paid to Capri in different periods and that the soprano has decided to bring together in her own collection to celebrate a place that has welcomed her with open arms. The songs on the disk form part of the musical tradition of different countries and different periods, all performed by the polyglot Nicole, who can speak and sing fluently in French, English, German and Italian. “No collection of songs about Capri has ever been produced, outside the Neapolitan culture, that also included revivals of

musical productions from other countries and linguistic contexts,” the singer explains. “And I really love the retro atmosphere that emanates from the songs chosen for this album, dating from the 1930s onwards.” Nicole’s angelic voice adds an even more distinctive quality to the melodies, accompanied by her inseparable accordion, designed by Paul Etienne Lincoln. In some tracks, she sings together with Mario Bindi, a Capri tenor, who brings with him the musical tradition of the island. “Everyone on Capri sings their native songs,” says Nicole, “and Mario’s folk music training comes directly from his Capri roots. That’s what really struck me about him.” Nicole was born in Paris but moved to Algeria in her early years, later returning to France, first to Normandy and then Paris again. And finally, she came to Capri: “What I love about the island is its Mediterranean atmosphere and the view of the gulf, which I think is the most beautiful in the world,” she says. “And then, of course, I fell in love on Capri...” Now Nicole spends her time between Capri, New York, and Paris, composing songs and film soundtracks. But she’s always on the island in the summer, entertaining guests at the Capri Palace hotel with her songs. And she’ll be there again this summer too.

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