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The angels of the Faro - Courageous, indefatigable and determined. - Raffaele and Alessandro Palumbo are lifeguards at Lido del Faro beach, ever ready to help people in difficulty

by Riccardo Esposito | photos by Davide Esposito

Dual language: English/Italian


Sometimes the sea around the lighthouse at Punta Carena can arouse fear. All stretches of water can become rough, but when it happens in this corner of the island it’s as if nature wants to make us understand our true role in this world. The water becomes angry, enraged. The lighthouse seems like a colossus, standing securely on its foundations.


Thrilling rescues.  “To Alessandro Palumbo. For the courage and quick response he has shown in rescuing people and animals: an example of the greatest professionalism.” These are the words used by the local Anacapri administration on awarding an official shield to Alessandro Palumbo, who has carried out numerous rescues in hazardous seas. 

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Donna Laetitia Refined, versatile and cosmopolitan, but with deep Capri roots. She lived a long time on Capri, painting, drawing and doing petit point needlework. And above all, running the Centro Cerio, founded by her father Edwin Cerio, with whole-hearted enthusiasm

by Carmelina Fiorentino | photos Archivio F. Alvarez de Toledo

Dual language: English/Italian


Contessa Cerio. That’s how she was introduced to me at the end of the 1980s, in the Centro Caprense Library. Her tall, slender figure, enveloped in a flowing cream-coloured silk skirt, with a ribbon made from the same silk on her straw hat and a stick with a jewelled handle, made me think straight away that that combination of refinement, aloofness and elegance must be a family trait: for that’s how the oldest Capri inhabitants remember her father Edwin.

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L'ORO DI CAPRI (The green 'gold' of olive oil from Capri) Cultivation of olive trees and the production of olive oil on Capri.

"L'Oro di Capri" is an independent non-profit association created in 2014 for the conservation of Capri's historic traditions surrounding the cultivation of olive trees and the production of olive oil on the island.


The association does not produce Capri olive oil. Oil is produced by members of the association, who are responsible for the quality and integrity of the product, under the supervision of the association which follows each stage of production.


The association provides technical assistance to members in order to ensure a quality olive oil without use of chemicals. During the entire productive cycle, members are guaranteed monitoring services for the principal parasites, assistance in fertilization and anti-parasite treatments, and consultations for pruning, land management, irrigation (when possible), and harvest (after having selected the optimal period).


The association promotes all types of events to publicize, incentivize, and assist in the cultivation of olive trees and the production of olive oil on Italy's island of Capri.



  • Foster the conservation of historic olive groves covering numerous areas of the Island of Capri

  • Promote the tradition of natural olive tree cultivation

  • Protect the island's rural environment and landscape

  • Guarantee the quality of olive oil from Capri by providing technical and scientific support during the cultivation of olives and their transformation into oil

  • Conserve and promote the culture and traditions surrounding the island's rural history



  • Natural insect traps 

  • Dry stone retaining walls and rainwater drainage

  • Compost rather than chemical fertilizers

  • Cisterns for collecting rainwater

Higly recommended articles on Capri by the talented AnnaChiara Della Corte

AnnaChiara Della Corte says about herself: Hi there! My name is AnnaChiara, I am 30 years old, I live in Capri but I often leave from this beautiful Island to experience different realities, discover new ideas and get new vibes. I am a freelance journalist graduated in Philosophy. and specialized in Political Philosophy,

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