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Alberto Savinio (1891-1952) once came to the island in the Gulf of Naples with his “trusty suitcase, dotted with the many hotel labels that symbolically illustrate a vagabond, restless life.”

An Italian writer, painter, musician, journalist, essayist, playwright, set designer and composer, Alberto Savinio was the younger brother of 'metaphysical' painter Giorgio de Chirico. His work often dealt with philosophical and psychological themes, and he also was heavily concerned with the philosophy of art.


An interesting article on Alberto Savinio

CAPRI CALLING - Its real charms lie just beyond the boutiques.


The surprise of Capri, the eternal gift of this magical place, is that you need only detour from the well-trodden cobbles to find yourself at one with the blue isle, tramping through fragrant scrub with skittish green lizards, thrumming cicadas and riffling pines for company. And in those solitary moments, dazzled by the intense blue of sea and sky and dizzy from the potent cocktail of wild herbs and salt air, it is easy to understand how Augustus became so besotted with this speck in the Mediterranean that he convinced the Neapolitans to give it to him in exchange for the neighboring island of Ischia

The Lure of Capri — By Tony Perrottet | Smithsonian Magazine

What is it about this tiny, sun-drenched island off the coast of Naples that has made it so irresistible for so long?

“Capi has always existed as un mondo a parte, a world apart,” says one resident. That sentiment is demonstrated in the Faraglioni pinnacles off southeastern Capri. (Francesco Lastrucci)


Photo by Andrea Costa Photografo Capri

This three-day Capri wedding is being called the most extravagant of the yea

Feiping Chang wed Lincoln Li in a three-day Italian affair that saw the bride go from one Giambattista Valli gown to another and guests treated to customised bags and a reception fit for a princess. 

The couple is the first to marry at Villa Lysis. They were granted permission after they helped reconstruct the local tourist attraction.

Image credit:


CAPRI Island Italy — I don’t like buying hype when I travel. It’s like lobster. It’s good but never quite lives up to its billing. But believe me on this.

Capri is the prettiest island in Europe.

Nothing is like Capri’s towering cliffs that descend through olive and pine trees into a sea so clear and clean I could drink it. I languidly floated in a Tyrrhenian Sea that’s the blue of an Italian summer sky. I looked down through the depths at an ocean bottom that seemed five feet away instead of 20.

Oh Capri, it does not fail to surprise!

Live in the sunshine,

Swim in the sea,

Drink the wild air.  ​


Quote by Emerson

Is the Blue Grotto Really Worth It?

This post was updated August 2017.

The Blue Grotto is the island of Capri’s biggest tourist attraction.  It is not a cheap excursion and just paying for transportation from Sorrento to Capri was pushing the limits of our budget.  Plus, we were visiting Capri in July, peak tourist season, so we knew to expect crowds of people waiting their turn to enter the grotto.

This blog gives detailed information regarding the Blue Grotto!!

For lovers of contemporary literature, Capri is the ideal location: since 2006 it is, in fact, stage to an event that brings every year the most interesting English-language writers to the Amalfi Coast, and on sunset, overlooking the Faraglioni, in the beautiful little Tragara piazza, they read unpublished writings and share their thoughts with Antonio Monda, creator of the festival together with Davide Azzolini. 

AD - A Travel Guide to Capri and Positano with Design Firm Kapito Muller


“The rugged Italian landscape has a distinct vacation vibe,” Muller says. “They are palette cleansers.” Several coastal decor ideas caught their eye. “There was an island-y design aesthetic, but the furniture is classic European, which is a very chic mix,” Kapito says. “We loved that almost all of the floors are tiled, whether black-and-white checkered pattern or brightly colored hand-painted tiles.”


Fantastic photos from some of the top restaurants on the island of Capri.

10 Must-Try Restaurants And Trattorias In Capri, Italy

Silvia Buonpadre

Updated: 10 May 2017

Escaping from mass tourism can be difficult in Capri; here is a list of ten restaurants highlighting the natural beauty of the island and its culinary heritage.

CAPRI - THE PLACES TO KNOW - Conde Nast Traveller

Get Capri wrong and it can be a major disappointment. Here Nicky Swallow, who's been going for years, provides all the classic addresses plus more unusual finds.

One Week in Capri

On a rough and rocky boat ride from gritty Napoli, amidst a rain storm and strong winds, our island destination appeared on the horizon. Home to haute couture, the Italian elite and considered the crown jewel of Campania, Capri looked shabby chic at first glance. It was October, a time when the weather is unpredictable, but after one stormy night the skies opened up and this Italian isle sparkled just as I imagined.

We decided to spend a week of our three-week honeymoon last fall in Capri on the recommendation of several friends who had been before. Everyone seemed smitten when reminiscing about their time there, so our curiosity got the best of us and off we went.


I don’t fall in love easily, so Capri is either one of the most dazzling places on Earth or there is something in the water. I am fairly confident both of those things are true. I could hardly sit down long enough to write about it to do it justice while I was there, so I wanted to share a few highlights with you and a handful of photos of my favorite few days in Capri with my best friend Ally.

The first thing to tempt you here is how colorful the world appears. When we arrived, we rode a funicular to our hotel. It felt like a railway in the sky. We stayed at the Hotel Quisisana, which was just by the town center but also nicely framed the water. We started our trip with coffee at the Piccolo Bar, a beautiful outdoor patio with lots of little snacks and apps to whet your appetite and an evening piano player to entertain you. This was probably as close to Elton John as I will ever get.

A four-day getaway to Capri, Italy - What a magical place!

Last week, Alex and I took a four-day getaway to Capri, Italy. (Here’s why:) Have you ever been there? What a magical place! I’d love to share a few photos if you’d like to see…


We quickly fell into a vacation routine. During the day, we would hike down the cliffs to a beach club (either Da Luigi or La Fontelina), where you can rent a chair and umbrella for the day. Here’s a photo of Da Luigi. How gorgeous is that?!


I am ruled by two things…my heart and my stomach. While I’ve shared peeks at the Magic of Capri and Where to Stay in Capri, today I’d like to share my Capri food guide.

For me, travel and vacations are about two things: landscape and food. And if past experience proves anything, even if a place is visually stunning, if it doesn’t have great food, I’m not going to enjoy my trip (ahem, Norway). By no means does this mean I’m a foodie. In fact, five-star restaurants aren’t my jam – they’re too much pressure and can rarely live up to their hype and price tag to feel worth it. Instead, what gets me salivating are those family-owned restaurants and off-the-beaten-path neighborhood gems. Those places that are authentic and serve real, local, simple, colorful, flavorful food.

If that sounds like you too, then pull up a chair, pour a glass of vino and enjoy Eating Capri.


I arrived in Capri two weeks into my trip in Italy and just like every other place I’ve visited I was blown away. It seems as though it only gets better and better in Italy but I must say Capri might just be my favorite. I arrived by Ferry to the bustling harbor but after taking (a very steep) cable car ride over the mountain I discovered the true beauty of Capri…


The narrow all white streets, lined with beautiful shops, covered with purple and pink cascading flowers are almost surreal. But the ocean views are what really impress in Capri. The turquoise sea, dotted with stunning mega yachts and sailing boats is simply breathe taking. Anyone that has been to Capri knows it beauty and I have a feeling I’ll be adding a trip here to my itinerary every year.

Living on the Edge - Capri

Living on The Edge - How we (sweet husband and moi) ended up going to Capri, Italy for a friend's daughter's wedding on a 'moment's notice.'

I have written so many blog posts on Paris in the last year that I thought this time I would start with my 'holiday' in Capri, Italy and then finish up with my trip to Paris.

Capri, ahhh Capri. What can I say other than - You must go and you must go soon. And, if not there (Capri) than somewhere that you have always dreamed about going and talked about going but never dared to put into reality. 

I hope that my new 'moment's notice' attitude and 'living on the edge' lifestyle is contagious. My sweet husband and I are already in talks (negotiations) of where to go next summer (I say back to Capri and he says let's try a different island), and we have only been home a few days. (It's healthy to have goals.)

But, back to Capri and all it's glorious-ness.

A Day in Capri

Capri, ohhh Capri. What can I say other than - Wow! You take my breath away every time. The dreamy island of Capri is only 30 mins away by ferry from Positano and about 40 mins away from Naples. When visiting Positano we usually take a day trip to Capri. This was the first time, however, that we decided to spend the night in Capri and I'm glad we did. The island is very quiet and peaceful in the evening when all the day tourists are gone. We discovered a beautiful and super clean beach right in the heart of Marina Grande (to the right of where all the ferries arrive), so we spent a relaxing afternoon there. Overall, it was a very short, yet sweet experience. Watch our Vlog for more :) and scroll down to see more pictures!

A day trip to Capri

Capri – a rocky island located off the bay of Naples – is perhaps one of the most famous and glamorous spots in Italy. Long before today’s current celebrities were arriving by helicopter, the Romans were already populating Capri; making it their own holiday spot. And so, naturally being the famous and glamorous sort, we gravitated towards this beautiful island whilst visiting the Amalfi coast. It was one of the highlights of our three-week adventure through Italy and the perfect day trip for anyone looking for beauty, glamour and history combined. Here’s our guide to a day trip to Capri:

Travel To The Romantic Isle Of Capri!

The Isle of Capri is known for luxurious hotels, exquisite shopping, breathtaking views and most definitely romance. I picked the Isle of Capri as one “The 5 Most Romantic Cities in the World”! In this post I will tell you why but I think the pictures will speak for themselves!

Exploring the Majestic island of Capri, Italy

When we arrived on Capri one of the main things we were keen to do was to explore the highest peak on the Island: Monte Solaro which stands at an elevation of 1,932ft. It offers jaw-dropping views over the island, sheer drops to the incredibly blue sea below and unforgettable vistas of the Gulf of Naples. As we headed over on the Hydrofoil from Sorrento and towards to Marina the island came into view and all we could look at was the tall jagged and mountainous limestone peak, forget the celebrities and Armani shops… this is what we have come to do!

The place is ridiculously good-looking...

Wow. Possibly the word we used the most in Capri – or ‘Cah-pri’ as the Italians say – and can you blame us? That water. My goodness. Heaven on earth has been located, friends. The search is over.

We arrived in Capri by ferry from Sorrento, and I actually gasped out loud as we inched closer to this magical island paradise. The Marina Grande, full of day-trippers and boats of all sizes, billionaire-owned superyachts hanging out in the middle of the ocean in that aloof way they do, and the sun shining bright, there’s no denying it: the place is ridiculously good-looking. When you see it in all its wonder, you can’t really blame celebs and high-rollers for making it their Mediterranean playground.

At night when all the tour boats have left, Capri blossoms into one of the most beautiful places I have ever been

My first time visiting the Amalfi Coast I made the mistake of only doing a day trip to Capri. Though I enjoyed my time, I highly encourage people to stay on Capri to really experience its many treasures.

Bottom Line: During the day Capri is overrun with tourists, but at night when all the tour boats have left, Capri blossoms into one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. After long candle-lit dinners you can stroll the narrow windy streets with a gelato in hand, rubbing shoulders with an elite crowd of visitors from all over the world. The stores stay open very late so you often get your best shopping done then too! It's truly a magical island at night and one of the best experiences people often overlook.


Luckily for us, most tourists that arrive on Capri just flock to visit a few, crowded attractions: the Piazzetta square, the Gardens of Augusto, the Blue Grotto and the shopping area. They totally ignore the beauty of nature, the stillness and the quietness that Capri can offer.  In spite of the hordes of tourists, even in the more crowded season, it’s possible to walk for hours without meeting a single soul.

isola di capri :: amalfi coast

As I come to the end of my travels in Europe. I had to include if not my favourite place in Italy. Isola di Capri or the Island of Capri, it is one of the most beautiful places I have visited and  is well worth going if you are on the Amalfi Coast. I cannot wait to show you what we got up to, its a little photo heavy. So I would probably make a tea.

Debra Lavinson once said “One of the great joys travelling through Italy is discovering first hand that it is, indeed, a dream destination” It really is and I would absolutely love to go back in the future. From the beautiful language, history, culture and art tied in with some of the most beautiful turquoise water I have swam in. It is truly unique destination.

Capri: A Guide to Italy’s VIP Island

The island made famous decades ago by icons and celebrities like Bridget Bardot and Jackie O certainly hasn’t lost its VIP feel and style. Capri is truly the playground of Italy and the world’s rich and famous. Here, taxis take the form of luxury convertibles, days are spent aboard private boats and luxury yachts and evenings in the Piazzetta are made for people watching. As you sip on a cocktail, you see the outfits you’ve spotted in the designer store displays come to life as the elite strut their stuff.

In spite of her magical beauty and breathtaking sceneries, if you don’t do your research, Capri is sadly a little pretentious and can seem shallow. But with a little help from my friends (namely Gillian McGuire – Capri expert extraordinaire) and speaking to some locals (I’m looking at you, Holly and Gianluca) you can really and truly have the time of your life.

Here’s my guide on what to do and where to eat.


First, we stopped at the Blue Grotto, or Grotta Azzurra, which is arguably the most stunning + iconic sea cave in the world. The way the sun shines through water in the cave creates a blue reflection that illuminates it in a way that no words or pictures can properly portray. You simply can't visit Capri without seeing it for yourself. 



Often described as the most appealing island in the Mediterranean, Capri boasts a magnificent blend of natural beauty and charm. The island’s rich history is ripe with captivating tales of scandal and colorful characters.

il Cielo di Capri il blog di Riccardo Pecoraro

This blog is in Italian

Wonderful musical concerts on Capri.

Read about Riccardo Pecoraro 

Inside a magazine editor's four-day Capri wedding

Vogue - Australia

Buro 24/7 Australia editor Rebecca Caratti married Nicholas Coster against the stunning backdrop of Capri.

36 Hours in... Capri

by Gill Charlton, destination expert 

A guide to what to do on a short break in Capri, including the best hotels, walks, restauran, s and attractions

Subscription required



What draws aristocrats, fashion royals, and one-name Americans such as Puffy, Mariah, and Julia to the four square miles of Mediterranean paradise that is Capri? The spirit of the island’s Sirens lives on in a free-spirited ambiance that has captivated Somerset Maugham, Graham Greene, Greta Garbo, and Jackie Onassis. In private villas or the hothouse glamour of the Capri Palace Hotel, devotees including Valentino, Pilar Crespi Robert, and Shirley Hazzard guide the author to the charms of a place where anything and no one wants to leave.

Requires a subscription to Vanity Fair.

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